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July 2017 Archives

What Happens if Your Massachusetts Divorce Goes to Trial

Many people contemplating a Massachusetts divorce do not realize that if they areCourt Judge.jpg unable to reach a settlement, the result is a full trial before a judge of the Probate and Family Court. 

Massachusetts Employers May Be Required to Accommodate Employees Who Test Positive for Marijuana

On July 17, 2017 the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that underMassachusetts - Marijuana.jpg the Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination law an employer may be required to accommodate an employee who is a current user of medical marijuana regardless of the employer's drug free workplace and drug testing policies.  

Common Threats Made During a Massachusetts Divorce

Threats and hurtful remarks from a spouse can be gravely concerning, even whenDivorce 101.jpg the threats are empty and the remarks untrue. The items listed below are common statements made by a vindictive spouse in Massachusetts along with a suggested rebuttal for you.

Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence in Massachusetts? You Have a Right to Break Your Lease!

The Massachusetts Domestic Violence Act allows victims of sexual assault andDomestic Violence 1.jpg stalking the right to break their leases without significant financial penalty, have the landlord change their locks, and other important protections. The important provisions of the new law are as follows:

Alimony: Exceptions to Durational Limits in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts alimony reform statute states that "alimony awards whichMoney Fight 1.jpg exceed the durational limits established shall be modified upon a complaint for modification without additional material change of circumstance, unless the court finds that deviation from the durational limits is warranted." The court must then look to whether deviation is "required in the interests of justice."

Child Custody When One Parent is a Non-U.S. Citizen Residing in Massachusetts

As difficult as divorce is when dealing with immigration matters, child custody inImmigration Law 1.jpg Massachusetts may be even more contentious. The general principle concerning child custody was best stated in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Troxel v Granville,

Massachusetts Enacts Comprehensive Pay Equity Law

Massachusetts has passed an amendment to the state's equal pay law aimed aGender-equality-scale.jpgt strengthening prohibitions on gender discrimination in the payment of wages for comparable work. The new bill signed will be effective starting in July 2018, provides a definition of "comparable work" for purposes of analyzing pay equity under the law. The bill also prohibits employers from requesting or inquiring into the salary history of job applicants and from restricting employee discussions about their own or another employee's wages.

Massachusetts Court Adopts Stringent Standard for Unpaid Meal Breaks

On December 23, 2016, a Justice in the Business Litigation Session of theWork.png Massachusetts Superior Court issued an opinion in the case DeVito v. Longwood Security Services, Inc. that examines the appropriate test for determining whether meal breaks must be paid under Massachusetts wage and hour law.

Why You May Need an Expert to Assist in Your Massachusetts Divorce Case

Depending on the nature and complexity of the issues in dispute in your Massachusetts divorce orExpert team.jpg child custody matter, your attorney may recommend that you engage the services of non-lawyer professionals to assist with certain aspects of your case. The cost of retaining non-lawyer professionals can add to your legal expenses. Therefore, your attorney must weigh the cost to you of retaining a specific professional with the legal necessity and the added benefit to your case. If your attorney recommends that you retain another professional, it is likely because he/she has deemed it essential to supporting or defending certain positions or claims that are necessary to helping you achieve a certain result. In some situations, you and your spouse may be able to agree to jointly engage the services of a necessary professional, such as a real estate appraiser, and share the cost of the professional's services to keep your expenses to a minimum.

Overview of the Massachusetts Wage Act

Massachusetts has enacted a statute requiring the regular payment of wagesWages.jpg under what is commonly referred to as the "Wage Act." The Wage Act encompasses a wide-range of disputes across the economic spectrum, from minimum wage and overtime disputes involving lower wage earners, to the misclassifications of employees as independent contractors, to certain incentive compensation for high-level executives.

How the Internet Can Be Useful in Your Massachusetts Divorce

Unquestionably, the internet has changed the way we access information and theSocial Media 11.jpg volume of information that is available. It has also made it more difficult to keep our personal lives private when so much information about us can be easily discovered by clicking a few keystrokes.

I Quit My Job in Massachusetts: Can I Get Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment insurance is designed to provide you money between jobs whenUnemployment.jpg you lose your Massachusetts job through no fault of your own, but is there ever a case where you can receive unemployment payments even when you resigned? Yes there are. 

Infographic: Parenting Styles You Should Be Aware Of

Each parenting style has different characteristics. Here is a simple guide that helps you know your parenting style and offers suggestions on how to raise them into happy and responsible adults. 
Should you be in the midst of a Massachusetts divorce or paternity action, contact the Law Offices of Renee Lazar, an experienced attorney who can help you craft a parenting plan with your children's best interest in mind. Call 978-844-4095 to schedule a FREE one hour no obligation consultation.

How to Have a Stress Free Massachusetts Divorce

A Massachusetts divorce can cause problems such as stress, anxiety, depressionStress.jpgand panic attacks according relationship psychotherapists. There's a lot to think about during a divorce, particularly looking after children, telling your parents and dealing with their emotions, moving house, dividing possessions, setting up bank accounts, and continuing your job.

Important Retirement Moves For Recently Divorced Massachusetts Couples

Couples who have recently finalized their Massachusetts divorce and divided upRetirement Sign.jpg assets are understandably eager to move on to the next phase of their lives. But closing the book too hastily on your previous relationship could result in some unintended financial consequences.

Are You a Victim of Parental Alienation in Massachusetts?

Parental alienation is becoming a more frequent discussion in MassachusettsEmotions.jpg family courts. The concern is often raised when there is difficulty with a parent-child relationship or parent-child access. 

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