Can You Deviate From the Child Support Guidelines in Massachusetts?

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If you’ve done some research, you probably know that child support in Massachusetts is calculated by using a set of guidelines prepared by state officials. These guidelines rely on a formula to balance income and expenses and then apportion the costs of raising the child fairly between the parents. However, the formula may not produce a number that suits your particular situation and/or the parents may want to mutually agree upon a different number from that calculated by the guidelines. If that happens, can you deviate from child support guidelines?

The short answer is “maybe”. The guidelines are widely used and are designed to lead to more consistent child support awards, thus doing away with the risk of widely diverging results and unfair decisions. However, the guidelines were never intended to be hard and fast rules, and the Court will usually allow parents to alter the amount of child support if they can show a good enough reason exists to do so.

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