Can Parents Fight Over Child Support in Massachusetts?

| Sep 25, 2015 | Child Support |

Unless you’ve gone through a Family Court case of your own, chances are you aren’t very familiar with the process. Movies and TV shows and some occasional bits of wisdom gleaned from friends may be of how things work. One area that might be especially confusing is that of child support. Many people believe child support is treated like alimony or property division, and can be fought over until a mutually agreeable number is decided upon. However, the reality is very different.

Child support in Massachusetts is decided by a formula, just as it is in many other states. The gross incomes of each parent and other factors, including the number of children involved, are plugged into an equation which calculates out the parties’ child support responsibilities.

Most judges will allow the parents to amicably resolve child support, so long as they both mutually agree upon the amount to be paid. However, judges are quite mindful of the fact that child support is seen as benefiting the children, not the other party. Put a different way, noncustodial parents must contribute to the support of their children, and that obligation cannot be completely waived, even with the consent of the other parent. 

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