How to Use Technology to Help Bond With Your Children After Divorce in Massachusetts

| Feb 8, 2016 | Children |


Have you considered all of the many ways that you can use your smartphone, tablet, computer, or social media to promote closer bonding with your children? Consider the following ways to use technology to help bond with your children:

Exploration. The most magical thing about literature has always been its ability to provide a way for everyone to explore life, no matter their station. Modern technology holds the same magic ability to help everyone explore life by literally putting all of the information of the world at our fingertips. You can find ask what interests your child and have endless ways to then begin exploring that topic together.

Education in Other Cultures. “A stranger is simply a friend you haven’t met yet.” You can use technology to educate your children about other nationalities and cultures, which can help your child be more friendly, reduce stereotypes, and increase understanding and affection.

The Power of Video. Today’s modern technology enables us to remain connected with our children, regardless of the distance. Face Time, Skype, and other video chat applications can help parents maintain face-to-face contact with their children, no matter how far away they may actually be.

Communication. Parents should utilize tools at their disposal to keep a continuous line of communication open with their children. In today’s fast-paced world, this might mean communicating more often via text and IM in order to maintain or deepen our bonds. Technology can be yet another way you can let your children know that you love them.

School Involvement. Many school districts are providing parents access to their children’s educational records. Parents should take advantage of this to stay on top of school work and grades on a regular basis. Not only can this help identify problems sooner, but it also provides the ability to discuss these issues with your children and provide encouragement for their efforts. 

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