A Friendly Massachusetts Divorce: Is it Possible?

| Dec 21, 2016 | Divorce |


Is a friendly Massachusetts divorce possible? The end of a marriage in Massachusetts is painful. Many times, people experience feelings of not only sadness but also of anger and bitterness, all of which can make it tough for a former couple to sustain anything that resembles a friendship.

Having a friendly divorce can be possible, and it does take work on the part of everyone involved.

Here are three things you can do to work towards having a friendly divorce.

Stand United For The Kids

Regardless of how you feel about your co-parent, a part of the foundation of a friendly divorce is to stand united when it comes to your kids. Start by telling your children about your divorce together. The truth is that you will always be a family on some level, even though things will be different. Talking about it as a family will help to demonstrate this fact to the children. Agree to tell your kids before anyone moves out of the family home, as to not add another level of shock for them. Have some answers and other information prepared to tell your children about what will happen from here on out. 

Keep The Peace At Home

During a divorce or separation, a lot of decisions must be made. Some resolutions may come easy; others may create stress and tension which lead to arguments and even tears. Having a friendly divorce doesn’t mean that there won’t be disagreements along the way. What it does mean is that you and your co-parent are in agreement to handle tough situations in a way that is peaceful and doesn’t put your kids in the middle of any conflict. 

Use an appropriate means of written communication to have your discussions that doesn’t risk your children accidentally seeing what you’re saying. 

Focus On Healing Yourself

It’s hard to be able to maintain a friendly relationship with someone if you’re always dealing with inner pain stemming from your break up. Working on healing yourself and improve your emotional standing can make it easier to cultivate a friendship with your former spouse or partner. Remember that both of you had a role to play in your relationship, and consider that you both may have taken missteps and made mistakes. Focus on your physical health by eating well and exercising. Talk to a professional, like a counselor or therapist, to share your feelings and receive guidance to help you more forward in a healthy way.

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