How to Access Audio Recording of Trial Court Hearing

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If you would like to listen to a Massachusetts court proceeding recorded by the FTR (For The Record) system, please follow this link to access their audio streaming service:

FTR provides fast access to trial court content online, replacing CD’s with modern browser-based access.

First time users will need to create an account, provide your credit card information, and pay $10.00 to access the audio recording online from your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. The audio recording will be accessible online for one (1) year.

You will need to provide the following information to access audio:

  1. Case name/number
  2. Date
  3. Start/end time
  4. Courthouse
  5. Courtroom

If you would like a duplicate CD (compact disc) to insert and play on your personal computer, you will need to present a check payable to the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts” for $50.50 to the clerk of courts, clerk magistrate, or register where your proceeding was held. only provides the ability to listen, fast forward, and rewind a recording made of a proceeding. does not provide or create a transcript, official or otherwise, of a proceeding.

Recordings of proceedings which occurred prior to November 2015 are not currently available through, and the dates of available recordings may vary further depending upon the courtroom. You should ask the Court directly for additional information. Additional case information may be obtained at the courthouse.

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