Are You a Victim of Sexual Harassment in Massachusetts?

| Oct 10, 2017 | Employment Law |

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Sexual harassment in Massachusetts is a type of employment or workplace discrimination that is based on verbal or physical abuse of a sexual nature. Victims of sexual harassment often suffer from the inability to perform his or her duties, psychological trauma, and, in many cases, a desire to terminate his or her employment to escape the harassment.

Massachusetts law recognizes two separate types of sexual harassment.

The first occurs when a manager, supervisor, or another person in a position of authority initiates unwanted sexual contact or other inappropriate relationships in exchange for on-the-job favors, including a promotion or pay increase. In extreme cases, the offender may threaten to fire a victim if he or she does not comply with requests for sexual or other personal favors.

The second type of sexual harassment involves a hostile work environment. A company that allows crude language, sexually explicit jokes or images, or sexually-charged comments toward coworkers may be held responsible for creating and maintaining a hostile work environment. 

Both types of sexual harassment can be extremely damaging to a victim who has been forced to endure such behavior. 

When you call us to discuss a potential sexual harassment claim, we listen with care and compassion. We also pledge to address your concerns honestly, presenting an accurate portrayal of what you can expect as you move forward. Attorney Lazar will offer guidance on how to handle your current job, as appropriate, and will explain the process of filing a claim. With our experience, we know that confronting the issue of sexual harassment is very difficult and extremely personal. That is why we take the time to help you weigh the benefits of filing your claim, including the compensation you could receive, whether your job could be restored, and other positive outcomes. You deserve to be well-informed before making a decision about how to proceed. We are here to help you and charge no attorneys’ fees unless you collect compensation. 

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