How to Design a Workable Parenting Plan Agreement in Massachusetts

| Oct 9, 2017 | Parenting Plans |

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A well-written parenting plan agreement within your divorce or paternity case will help you co-parent children more successfully after divorce. It is the most important document you will craft as parents and deserves your best effort. It can be 1 page long or 20 pages long, but it must detail how you plan to raise your child(ren) together.

The list of what you need to consider can be mind boggling, but that’s ok because this is important.

Some Things Your Parenting Plan Agreement Might Cover:

  • Mission statement of what’s important
  • Name and date of birth of each child
  • Standards of conduct for parents
  • Parent responsibilities, decisions and appointments
  • Basic education and college
  • Medical care and insurance
  • Dental care and insurance
  • Uninsured medical expenses
  • School decisions
  • Child care 
  • Religious affiliation and training
  • Time spent with each parent, including school, summers holidays
  • Transportation to/from each home
  • Terms for moving away/relocation
  • Financial contributions of parents
  • Duration of agreement and handling changes
  • Resolution of disputes arising from the agreement
  • Death of parents
  • Provisions for catastrophic events
  • Long illnesses
  • Life insurance
  • Tax exemptions
  • Statement of paternity
  • Parents access to information and records

And don’t forget: The Parenting Plan Agreement also needs to include the details of your time-sharing arrangement: weekly schedules, vacations, birthdays, and  holidays.

You may not need all of these topics in your parenting plan agreement, or even most of them, but this will give you a place to start on this portion of your divorce process or paternity case. The ideal situation is to give your child consistency in an inconsistent world.

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