How to Register Out-of-State Child Support/Custody Orders in Massachusetts

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Registering a child support/custody order that was obtained in another state or even in another country is accomplished in Massachusetts by following the procedure outlined in M.G.L. c. 209D.

To register your out-of-state order, you will need the following:

(1) a letter of transmittal to the court requesting registration and enforcement;

(2) two copies, including one certified copy, of the Order to be registered;

(3) a sworn statement by the party seeking registration of the amount in arrearage;

(4) the name of the obligor, and, if known, his address, social security number, the name and address of his employer, and the description of any property he might have; and,

(5) the name and address of the person to whom payment is due.

Once a petitioner has submitted that paperwork to the Probate Court, the court will register and file the order as a foreign judgment. The respondent then has 20 days to object to the validity of the foreign judgment.

In order to challenge registration, they will need to show that (1) the out-of-state court lacked jurisdiction; (2) the order has been vacated, stayed, or modified; or (3) they did not receive proper notice regarding the out-of-state hearing.

Complaints for Modification or Contempt Contempt, or any other actions relating to a child support judgment may be filed at the same time with the petition to register.

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