Protect Your Rights Against Lead Paint Discrimination in Massachusetts!

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Landlord Tenant Law |

Lead paint is a serious health hazard for Massachusetts children age 6 and younger. Some of the dangers of lead poisoning:

  • stunted growth
  • damaged hearing
  • lowered IQ
  • nerve and brain damage
  • possible fatality

Do you have young children?

  • Has a landlord refused to show you an apartment because it contains lead paint?
  • Have you been asked or pressured to sign away your right to sue a landlord for lead poisoning?
  • Has your landlord refused to remove or abate lead paint in your home?

These actions are illegal!

Be alert for these signs of discrimination!

It is against the law in Massachusetts for a property owner to refuse to rent or sell to a family with children because there are or may be hazardous levels of lead paint in an apartment or home or for a property owner to refuse to remove or cover hazardous lead paint if a child under age six resides in a unit or will reside there in the future. Owners cannot force tenants to pay the costs of lead abatement or removal. Money is available to help owners with the costs.

What you can do:

  • Save all advertisements for apartments you were not allowed to see because of lead paint and get the name of anyone who steers you away.
  • Ask your landlord to show you the property’s lead certificate or to arrange for a lead inspector.

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