Why You Should Live a Full Passionate Life in Massachusetts

by | Jan 1, 2022 | Divorce |

When you were growing up, there’s a good chance that your parents told you, “You could be whatever you want when you grow up.” It’s something that most of us hear at some point in our lives.

So, though our passions do change as we get older, we start to write off even the realistic ones as being unattainable.

The greatest experience you can have in this life is striving for a goal that ignites your passion, something that is of real interest to you and motivates you to work harder every day. The key to living a full life is to chase your passions and here’s why.


In this modern age, even those of us who have reached our mature years have far too many distractions in our lives pulling our focus from what’s truly important to us.

Whether it’s texts, social media, emails, phone calls, your friends, your partner, your family, your job, you are being pulled in every direction and everyone wants a piece of you.

It’s kind of impossible to give your attention to everything properly, but when you start to chase your passion… the world tends to fall into focus. It’s easy to see what’s truly important and allow everything else to fade into the background.

Less time on the Internet or fewer unnecessary shopping excursions are easier to give up when I am clear on what is the highest and best use of my time – writing and creating!


When you chase your passion, you fill your life with a sense of purpose that not only fuels your soul but improves your mental health and overall well-being and allows you to live life to the fullest.

Sometimes as we get older, we question our purpose. Our kids are grown, and we don’t see where we fit into the world moving forward. Finding and pursuing your purpose will help you lead a fuller, maybe even longer, life.


You know that old saying about doing what you love, meaning that you’ll never need to work a day in your life? There’s so much truth in that! Following your passion means that even your job won’t seem like work.

It’s something that you love doing and can get lost in for hours, forgetting everything else around you. Nothing feels better than waking up and starting a day that you designed entirely.


Not everything in your life is necessary, whether it’s appliances, clothing, or clutter. When you have that sense of clarity, you understand that less is more and that material wealth isn’t what will fulfill you. Rather, your actions and activities will help you live a full life. So, why not design the life that you really want to live?

The Pay Off

If you choose to make your passion your career, it will eventually pay off in monetary ways. Whether you are a blogger, an artist, a musician, or a makeup artist, when you are truly passionate about what you do, it shows, and success is inevitable.

A full, passionate life will look different for each of us. Don’t compare your journey or quest to anyone else’s. Trust your own heart to be your guide.

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