Parenting is a Challenging Job for Massachusetts Parents

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Children |

More than three in five Massachusetts parents believe they spend more time with their child than their own parents spent with them growing up.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans with children revealed that parents spend an average of almost five hours per day with their kids, with one in 10 saying they spend eight hours or more. Parents are able to get the most time with their youngsters during meals (32%), while watching TV or movies (30%), during playtime (27%), bedtime (27%), and bath time (26%).

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Baby Magic, found that while new technology may seem to make parents’ lives easier, 74 percent of parents polled think it is more challenging to raise a child now than it was when they were growing up.

The top factors that make modern parenting a tougher job than it used to be are the emergence of social media (66%), more parents working full-time jobs (64%), and, perhaps surprisingly, the rise of technology (58%).

In fact, 68 percent admit that they feel like they lean too much on iPads and other tech devices to keep their kids occupied, while even more parents (72%) say they value electronics-free time with their kids the most.

Kids grow up too fast

Almost three-quarters of parents (74%) agree that as their child gets older, they miss them needing their help. The top three activities parents miss helping their children with include bath time (41%), getting them dressed (38%), and brushing their teeth (36%).

For those parents who find themselves spending less time with their children as they grow up, 36 percent believe it is because they don’t need as much help. However, 45 percent believe it is because their child is becoming more independent.

Almost three-quarters (72%) agree that seeing their child go from their best friend to more independent is painful.

“We all know lifestyles have changed over the years. Our days are busier than ever with more information, choices, and distractions at our fingertips. We believe in the importance of slowing down and creating bonding moments that connect us with our children,” says a spokesperson for Baby Magic in a statement.

Bath time memories

Seven in 10 parents believe bath time is just as relaxing for them as it is for their child. However, it doesn’t appear that bath time was always a serene activity. Seventy-four percent of parents say that bath time was challenging at first, but it became easier over time.

Sixty-two percent of parents believe that they bathe their children more frequently than their parents bathed them. More than one-third of parents (35%) either bathe or used to bathe their children daily. That’s not the only difference. Almost three in five parents (57%) feel that the method of bathing has changed over time, such as going from the sink to the tub.

“Those little laughs don’t stay little forever. That’s why it’s important to create a simple routine that allows parents to make the most of their time with their child. It’s those everyday bonding moments, like bath time with your favorite baby washes and lotions, that create cherished memories that last a lifetime. By using consistent products and scents, these memories can be strengthened between parent and child” the spokesperson for Baby Magic adds.

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