11 Baby Names Banned in Massachusetts

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Children |

In addition to X Æ A-12, there are 11 other names that are off the table when it comes to naming your Massachusetts baby. As a matter of fact, these 11 names are not just illegal in Massachusetts, but they are illegal across the entire United States. Here we go:

  1. You cannot name your baby king.
  2. Same deal with Queen.
  3. Jesus is fine but not the full Jesus Christ name.
  4. III is a banned.

Not sure why III is illegal. Other numbers are allowed. Remember when George wanted to name his child 7 and then Soda on Seinfeld? Then Jerry came up with additional ideas like Maxwell House and Bisquick. Too funny.

  1. The name Santa Claus is off limits.

Talk about confusing the child along with other children as well. Good call on this one.

  1. Misteri N*&#@! is illegal.
  2. Adolph Hitler is a no no.
  3. The name Messiah is banned.
  4. @ is a no go.
  5. You can’t go with 1069.
  6. Just like King and Queen, Majesty is banned.

So, there you have it. The 11 names that are listed above, plus names containing any letters that aren’t on a standard English keyboard are off-limits when naming a Massachusetts baby.

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