Massachusetts First State Named as Age-Friendly Employer

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Discrimination |

Massachusetts was the first state government certified as an age-friendly employer by the Age-Friendly Institute.

“When we help older people continue to live, work, and volunteer in our communities, we all benefit from their energy, experience, and contributions. As an employer, the Commonwealth deeply values the contributions of older adults,” Governor Charlie Baker said.

Baker’s Council to Address Aging handles some of the state’s efforts to support older adults.

Age-friendly signifies a workplace has opportunities for people as they age and makes including older adults a priority.

“Employees staying in the workforce helps employers succeed and it keeps people engaged. If more states adapt to accommodate their aging workforces, they’ll keep their economies growing well into the future,” Age-Friendly Institute President Tim Driver said.

The institute certifies age-friendly workplaces with criteria that includes valuing employees based on proficiency, having policies that support people over the age of 50, and meaningful employment opportunities for people who are 50+.

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