Co-Parenting App for Massachusetts Parents

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Children |

Co-parenting apps for Massachusetts parents can simplify scheduling, keep everyone on track. The right app might even make co-parent communication, schedules, activities and contacts easier and more effective which is great for kids, moms, dads and even step-parents and grandparents. 

AppClose is a totally free co-parenting app.

Available for Apple and Android, AppClose is the only completely free co-parenting app.

Along with features like messaging, shared calendars and the ability to create a shared parenting plan, AppClose has its own built-in payment platform, “ipayou,” with an integrated expense tracker. You or your ex can scan in receipts and request reimbursement, and then settle up electronically.

AppClose allows you to export (for free) all communication and calendars.

Messaging is done by text within the app, which you can do with your co-parent, alone or in a group chat with other family members or caretakers you can add (also for free). The messages are time- and date-stamped. Another feature, AppClose Solo, lets you send notes to people who aren’t connected through the app, through text, e-mail or social media.

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