Child Care Costs in Massachusetts Most Expensive in U.S.

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Children |

New data from the U.S. Department of Labor won’t come as a surprise to parents of young children in Massachusetts: It reveals that child care prices here are among the highest in the nation.

The median cost for infant center care in both Middlesex and Norfolk counties was found to be $26,409.12, according to the Department of Labor. That is the third most expensive, following only Arlington County, Virginia ($27,219.92), and San Francisco County, California ($26.775.12).

Additionally, Suffolk County and Essex County appear in the top 20, with median infant center care costs of more than $23,100. And all 14 Massachusetts counties fell within the top 100 based on the median cost.

The data shows that parents of infants in Suffolk County spend a median of 28.3% of their income on care.

Department of Labor data reveals similar results for the median cost of preschool care in Massachusetts, which was determined to be $19.111.86 in both Norfolk and Middlesex Counties. The two counties were tied for fifth most expensive in that ranking.

Massachusetts law defines reasonable child care costs as a maximum of $355 per week per child. The new 2021 guidelines use each parent’s proportional income to determine how much they have to pay in child care costs. Before any parent who paid for daycare or any other form of child care only received a 15% credit, so this change may impact the support that payors are expected to make.

If you are currently under a child support order, please note that it will not automatically change to reflect the 2021 guidelines. Any change in the child support order must be either made by the Agreement of the parents or through a new court order.

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