Rights of Massachusetts Nursing Home Residents Under the Americans With Disability Act

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Disability |

Here is an overview of the Americans with Disability Act issues which directly affect Massachusetts nursing home residents.

  1. Right to receive all benefits and services provided: For example, if a nursing home provides internet access as a community service, the facility must buy voice-to-text and text-to-voice software for a resident who is blind.  The MA Commission for the Blind will do the instruction for free.  There also should be other activities, such as talking books.
  2. Communication: All materials must be in accessible formats for individuals who are deaf/hard-of-hearing or blind/visually impaired. This could mean, but is not limited to, sign language interpretation or writing, as well as large print, Braille, or a reader.
  3. Architectural Access: Buildings/facilities may have different accessibility requirements, depending on whether built before or after the 1990 ADA.  However, there are basic minimum ADA requirements no matter when a building was constructed.  For instance, all facilities must use Braille signage, accessible entries, door opener system for individuals who can’t open doors manually, etc.  In regard to nursing homes, buildings constructed after 1990 must be built with larger, defined room sizes, accessible bathrooms, etc.

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