Popular Children’s Game Banned in Massachusetts Schools

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Children |

Dodge ball, is actually banned in public schools in the state of Massachusetts.

Why is Dodge ball Banned in Massachusetts Schools?

So what’s the deal with dodge ball? Back in 2001 school districts in Maryland began discouraging and even banning the game. According to a New Times Times article from May of that year, school officials claimed that the game could have a traumatizing effect on young children because it “encourages violence and human targeting.” Essentially, the weakest players will be picked off first because they’re the easiest target. There is also a safety factor when bigger, stronger kids are hurling balls at smaller, weaker students.

The article also cited the work of a physical education professor at Eastern Connecticut State University, who placed dodge ball in the “Physical Education Hall of Shame”, a list of gym activities that he suggested could damage children emotionally. The list included also duck-duck-goose and musical chairs.

In 2004, schools in Massachusetts, along with Maine, Maryland, New York, Virginia, Texas, and Utah banned dodge ball, or its variations, including war ball and monster ball.

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