Do Massachusetts Employees Have to Pay for Their Own Uniforms?

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Employment Law |

You know how it goes when you start a new job. You train, get your work quarters set up the way you want, and get an overall lay of the land before you start diving into your new place of employment. Many jobs also require that you wear a uniform. There are plenty of jobs here in Massachusetts that require employees to wear a uniform, whether it’s food service, law enforcement, emergency response, cooking, and the list goes on and on.

If I’m Expected or Required to Purchase a Uniform Does the Cost Come Out of My Pocket? What is the Law on This Situation in Massachusetts? 

In some cases, your employer will order your uniform and have the cost already taken care of but in the case of you ordering your uniform and paying for it out of your own pocket, under Massachusetts law, your employer is required to reimburse you. As a matter of fact, spells it out on their website including the following;

An employee or prospective employee who is required to purchase or rent a uniform shall be reimbursed for the actual purchase or rental cost of the uniform.

What If I Have to Get My Uniform Cleaned? What Does Massachusetts Law Say About That? 

It’s the same deal. If you have to get your uniform cleaned, dry cleaned, etc. Your employer is required by Massachusetts law to reimburse you for the cost.

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