Discussion of the Rights of Massachusetts Unmarried Couples

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Here is a list of selected Massachusetts cases about unmarried couples and domestic partnerships

Charron v. Amaral, 451 Mass. 767 (2008)
Unmarried cohabitants are not entitled to recover claims for loss of consortium.

Collins v. Guggenheim, 417 Mass. 615 (1994)
The SJC refused to extent rights to obtain property division under M.G.L. c. 208 section 34 to unmarried co-habitants.

Connors v. City of Boston, 430 Mass. 31 (1999)
A municipality cannot extend health insurance benefits to “domestic partners” of municipal employees.

Sullivan v. Rooney, 404 Mass. 160 (1989)
This case provides a good discussion of theories of property division between non-married cohabitants. 

Wilcox v. Trautz, 427 Mass. 326 (1998)
Unmarried cohabitants may, subject to the rules of contract law, lawfully contract concerning property, financial, and other matters relevant to their relationship, and such an agreement is valid with some limitations.

Worcester Housing Authority v. Mass. Commission Against Discrimination, 406 Mass. 244 (1989)
“It is unlawful to refuse to rent to or lease to or withhold public housing benefits from persons because they are unmarried.”

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