Massachusetts Couples Highest Prone Prenup State

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Massachusetts prenuptial agreements (prenups) offer a practical solution to mitigate “divorce debt” outcomes. TurboDebt recently surveyed 3,000 married couples to determine the adoption rate of prenups across the country.

Key Insights From the Survey

  • Financial Savvy Among Modern Couples: The increasing prevalence of prenups indicates that modern couples are becoming more financially savvy. They recognize the potential complexities and financial pitfalls of marriage and seek to protect their assets proactively.
  • Geographical Variations Reflect Economic Disparities: The significant geographical differences in prenup adoption rates might reflect broader economic disparities and cultural attitudes towards marriage and finances. States like Massachusetts, with higher adoption rates, often have higher living costs and more significant financial assets at stake, prompting couples to secure their financial futures. Couples in Massachusetts are the most prenup-prone, with 19% of their marriages featuring these legal lifelines. On the flip side, couples in Missouri are the least likely to sign on the dotted line, with only 5% having prenups.
  • Mitigating Divorce Debt: The primary reason couples opt for prenups—to avoid divorce drama—highlights a growing awareness of “divorce debt.” This term encapsulates not just financial losses but also the emotional and psychological toll of contentious divorces. Prenups can offer a smoother transition, minimizing conflict and financial damage.
  • Security for Personal Savings and Future Planning: With 35% of respondents seeking to protect personal savings, it’s clear that individuals value financial independence within marriage. Prenups can provide clarity and security, ensuring that personal and jointly acquired assets are managed fairly in case of a divorce.
  • Challenges in Prenup Discussions: The fact that 35% of couples experienced conflicts when discussing prenups suggests a need for better communication strategies. It underscores the importance of addressing financial expectations and concerns openly before marriage to prevent future misunderstandings.
  • Regret Among Non-Prenup Holders: The 42% regret rate among those without prenups is significant. It indicates that many couples, in hindsight, recognize the value of having a prenup to delineate financial responsibilities and protect their interests

The survey revealed some interesting results:

Why Arrange a Prenup?
When asked why they opted for a prenup, 45% of respondents said it was to avoid potential divorce drama. Another 35% wanted to protect their personal savings, while 19% just wanted to lay out clear financial ground rules.

Prenup Discussions and Regrets
35% of couples surveyed reported conflict over a prenup before their wedding. Additionally, 42% of married couples without a prenup regretted not getting one.

Perceptions of Prenups
TurboDebt also explored the perceptions of single individuals and unmarried couples regarding prenups. Among single people, 32% believed that having a prenup is a ‘recipe for disaster’ within a marriage.

When asked how they would react if their future spouse introduced a prenup right before the wedding, 47% of unmarried couples said they would accept it but start negotiating immediately.

Meanwhile, 29% said they would sign it blindly, believing that love conquers all, and 23% indicated they would call off the wedding.

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